The Stars Have Been Good to You

by Michael & the Slumberland Band

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released April 20, 2016


all rights reserved



Michael & the Slumberland Band Vancouver, British Columbia

You’ll hear the music of Michael & the Slumberland Band coming from the 3rd floor of a creaking 100 year old West End apartment on cold rainy nights. There, in the music room, surrounded by a collection of xylophones, broken chord organs, and ancient hand drums, Michael creates post-apocalyptic soundscapes with lyrics drawn from nightmares, influenced by equal parts horror, fantasy, and science. ... more

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Track Name: The Stars Have Been Good to You
No luck
Life's not what want
It's fucked
Everybody sucks

In time
Maybe you'll believe
The truth
The stars have been good to you
Track Name: This is Real
Lived a life of sorrow
Drowned In it every day
Knew there was no purpose
So drank the days away

Waited for some relief
Waited 'til the end
Saw my life in hindsight
And it filled me with regret

Sky blue
I can't breathe
Free me
From reality

I bought my love a locket
As cheap as I could get
With some sand in the picture frame
From the beach where we met

I stared along the ocean
Watched the universe unfold
I can see for miles here
But I'll always see my nose

There is always time
To watch your life float by
Sink into the sands
Grab what you can
Track Name: Now the Sun Shines All Year Round
The sun shines all year round
Just a couple days of clouds
And no ones feeling down
We feel fine after all the tears we cried

Times always on your side
It stretches far and wide
Dulls all temporal pain

You'd have to be insane
To want to play this game
There always is a catch

It's that nothing ever lasts
Once the fun is gone
We'll all move on

Tom, knows it won't be long
He's singing his own song
Doing what he wants to do

Just like all of you
Selfish and confused
Never tuned to just how much were spoiled

Guzzling all our oil
So we never have to toil
It's gotta look good in your head

Or somewhere on the web
Just Mask your sense of dread
Close your eyes and follow your own path

Cause nothing ever lasts
Once the dream is gone
We'll all move on

Now the sun shines all year round
Just a couple days of clouds
And the stairs ain't coming out
The sky is orange with forest fire smoke

Well it started as a joke
Till we begun to croak
It never hits as strongly as it should

We all misunderstood
Why we had it good
Why the world had to move so fast

But nothing ever lasts
And once the lakes are gone
We all move on
Track Name: The Sleepiest Man in the World
​there's something i need to do
there's something i got to prove
just trying to pull weight
just trying to stay awake

I closed my eyes and a year went by
it never hurt and i never tried
i'll be wrong for a long long time
before I'm right again

I closed my eyes and a year went by
it never hurt cause i never tried
it's not that bad
I don't feel sad
I'm just the sleepiest man in the world

there's "empty"
there's "full of holes"
there's "hopeless"
there's downtown girls
all laughing on the train
and then there's me with no brain

I've been lost
living underwater
or coming up for air
i've been gone
along time underwater
i'll be fine
just drinking here tonight

he descended all those steps
walked along the dream
visited the cities and napped beside the stream
Track Name: I Never Really Ever Celebrate

"Don't tell any one who you are
Don't let your emotions run the car
Don't let your emotions run too far
They'll think less of who you are"

Well I never really ever celebrate
But I have mourned

Cause time ticks sticking in your head
In the next room is the living dead
Trying to get trough another dreary day
In a dark room with no goals

Well I never really ever celebrate
I never really let my heart inflate
Well I never really ever celebrate
But I have mourned

When the time comes there's an itching in your knees
And you it draws you, lifting from deep
Forward, drift to the lighted stage
In a frenzy, you've never knew was in you

Well I never really ever celebrate
It's not like me to go and act this way
I never really ever celebrate
I was out of it until you got deranged
Ya know I never really ever celebrate
Ya know I never really let my heart escape
Track Name: Lucky Few
​We're one of the luck ones
The lucky few
We're one of the lucky ones
Just look around you
Just look around

Hang around in heating homes
Drink my tea and write my poems
And I don't have to leave
If I don't want to

It's all there just down the street
Anything I'll ever need
When I need it
Until I need it

Or they'll bring it all to my door
Fill my needs to the core
Doesn't cost that much

I got a job I got a girl
Prettiest one in this whole world
It just kinda happened
Good things just kinda happen

I got a phone that can talk
It does the math, it's got films to watch
It cost me nothing
About 80 bucks a month

Sure I got some bills to pay
I work and a bit and that's my wage
and its nothing crazy

Never had my family die
from falling shells up in the sky
its never happened
it still happens

All these faces that you know
Will go safe back to their homes
Sleep well through the night
Cause tomorrows not a fight
Just a dreary commute
Conversations like a ruse
And work that makes you snooze
And lots dream that wont come true
But you still get to be you
Track Name: Relax
​She's right
I'll have to go outside
See things how they really are
And not how I want them

But out there
They're judgemental and unfair
They all got these opinions
That I'll have to share

To get through
Reasonably cool
With stilted conversation
To build a reputation

Maybe it's time to relax
Or It's just me

And no one really cares
They all got their own fears
Consuming their conscience

Do what
You think you gotta do
Everyone will hate you
Until they get to know you

Maybe it's time to relax
Track Name: Some Are Lost
Is there some among us
Who wish that they could do a little more
Than drink our selves silly
Then Netflix binge, eat pizza hungover?

I'm not alone
In my housecoat
There's all of you

Not every dream gets to have a home
Some are lost, some scribbled in a poem
buried in a deep dark closet box
Waiting to be found
Some are lost

Is there none among us
Who ever learned the meaning of relax?
Not procrastinate,
But truly turn your brain off in the bath?

You're not alone
In your bath robe
There's all of us
Track Name: Hollywood is Full of Losers
It feels bad
When all the things you try
Turn out to be unwise
And all the fickle masses fade

Uproot and upset their order
Hollywood is full of loser

Hey man
You had some good ideas
Turns out that's not their fears
And you could always try again

So what
You're out of touch
All the critics never gave you much
You're not in their world
You got other hearts to touch
Besides you don't want to ever live that way
Track Name: Great Great Sadness
There's a great great sadness In everything we do
There's a great great sadness within you

Well it goes out saying
There's no fun being tamed
But there's a lot you gotta do to be free

You work here every day
And it starts to feel the same
You start to think that there's nothing else you can do

The world feels llike a crook
Who stole youre life's book
And wrote it's own apologies in it's place
Of wonders far and wide
Adventures in the sky
Flying with creation and your friends

The wild expanding mind
Starts to crumble over time
Next you know you can't think of the words

To describe that little sense
Of fleeting happiness
You think that you once thought you felt

But somehow you're still here
Breathing in fear of the next customer you have to help

Well there's a great great sadness in everything we do
There's a great great sadness with in you

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