Thousand Years Under the Sun

by Michael & the Slumberland Band

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released January 15, 2016

Mastered by Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering
Photo by Anthony Cao
Digital Manipulation by Mike Brown
All songs written and recorded by Mike Brown



all rights reserved


Michael & the Slumberland Band Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Mystic Hope
A view filled with lies
Ideas wound up tight
But poorly spun
Come undone

New shining eyes
Fall from the heights
Far above or rise below
The truth's we'll never know

Because the world is just a game
That we play between our names
We gave to all these buzzing thoughts
We use to describe

All the senses here
That we breathe or touch or fear
Or leave as tattered foliage
For lack of knowledge

Cause everything is empty once you find yourself close enough to see how it runs. See how it runs

A healthy dose of Mystic hope will helps you cope with our boats finite ride for a while. At least for a while I guess

Cause our life is just a phase
That we see between the waves
Of endless space and time
Just fragments
Of a dream you'll wake up from
Look around and then succumb
To slumbers warn embrace
Or deaths cold fingers
Track Name: Beside the River
Take me back down to the river banks
Where the dead stare from the reeds
Make me feel at home there
And leave me be

Visit me down at the river banks
Where the crows caw from the trees
Give me your advice then
Leave me be

Take me away from these river banks
I don't belong in the reeds
Just stay here as I ramble
Then follow me

I believe there's a future
Because I know there has to be
Whether it's what we came for
Whether it's what we need
I still believe
Track Name: Holed Up
I sing to myself ever night
A practice that fends off the fright
The air here is too cold to sleep
I wish they would turn on the heat

Cause I'm holed up in here

Once I was free as a bird
The skies and the trees I preferred
The vastness the blue and white
Gaze to the limit of sight

Now I'm holed up in here

Once there was people I knew
Friends and a family too
some how there's laughter near
Muted so they never hear

Stealing our thoughts and our will
Holding us here until
They decide that theyll let us go
It's never been our right to know

I'm holed up in here

I once saw a shooting star
Through a small crack in the wall
I wished I was far out of here
For a moment my mind had felt clear
Track Name: Say What You Wanted
I saw a human sized ad
I knew that everything was fake
So I grabbed the air
Pulled the horizon aside like a curtain
I can’t remember what I saw
But I woke with a scream

Say you wanted
To believe
Say you wanted youth
A cold touch clutches everyone
Say you wanted some truth
To use

Every thought becomes real
I worried something might appear
In the dark as I turned off the light
I turned my back and it appear

I cant remember what I saw
Saw on the other side
But I woke with a scream
I cant remember anything

Say what you wanted
Cause theres no truth
Behind the curtain we use
To make life simple
For your dumb and fleeting minds
To grip
Get a grip
Track Name: Shell Shake
Doom spreads it's wings and the crows start to sing
As the sun starts to set on a filth ridden street
I pull up to the gate
To an ill omened Fate
stare into a face with eyes of dead weight

She's out there
In the moonlight
Speaking in ancient tongues
A rhythm from heaven
Or a corrupted soul

There's no where to go
there's no place called home
The evening is spent with her head in hands
Til she stalks to the van
Stares in the mirror
"Sorry" she croaks with a syringe in her throat

She's out there
In the moonlight
Shell of a warrior
A plasma disaster
Decaying from the inside out

You don't tell anybody
And hope the waves here will wash you ashore
In a series of bad decisions
Can't decide what's good for you
With a conscience like an anvil
You'll sink before you wash ashore
Track Name: Long Run
Towns turn to dust in the long run
Sink to the ground ever more
I'll be some one else in the long run
See me as I'm walking out the door

We all become ghosts in the long run
Shades of unfinished former life
Patterns I used to know as friends
Children unprepared for the end

Grab your things and go
Cause Dreams will ebb and flow

The stars will lose steam in the long run
Sink into the depths evermore
To be surrounded by a throe of blackness
To be comfortable and warm

Dark are the dreams of the old ones
Gnarled and strange through the age
Mild with overwhelming hoards of knowledge
Damned to follow us to the grave
Track Name: Raining in Your Heart
Through the hoops, jump everyday
While it's raining in your heart
To keep your head above the waves
While it's raining in your heart
Call the dreams you left behind
While it's raining in your heart
Tell them that's we're done and the search ain't worth the find

Well the moment has come you regret that you sold your soul
For a meaningless life for cold and loveless home

But is it worth it? Is it right?
Is it fair to ask the stars for brighter light?

Drift away from your heart
See the world as logics art
Keep your madness to yourself
And drown inside

You're losing your sight in a dim and haunted age
Wading through time like a warm and stagnate bay

But what do you really need?
Besides a sore body to feed?

Through the hoops, jump everyday
While it's raining in your heart
To keep your head above the waves
While it's raining in your heart
Call the dreams you left behind
While it's raining in your heart
Tell them that's we're done and the search ain't worth the find

Drift away from your yourself
As it's raining in your hearts
Don't make time for yourself
As it's raining in your heart
Don't believe in yourself
As it's raining in your heart
I don't believe in myself
Track Name: Thousand Years Under the Sun
Share the moon share the rain
Share the truth and share the pain
As the universe looks on
To the earth a vagabond

Spinning past the burning sun
Inferno bound moribund
Circling what it means
To be alive and to be free

Everything that ever turned out right
Was once a glimmer in your eye
Everything that ever turned out right
Was once a glimmer in your not so shinny eyes

A dreamers work is never done
A thousand years under the sun
A dreamers work is never done
Track Name: Wallower
Wake early
Don't draw the blinds
Be active
Stay on time
Eat better
Don't sleep all day
Be friendly
In any kinda way
And maybe you'll start
To feel alright

And not have another miserable day

To what you want
Don't tire
From your own thoughts
Be strong
There's new feats each day
Be calm
And things turn your way
Maybe you'll start to feel alright

Not have another miserable day

We know how to not be alone
We know how to be unsure
We know how to wallow in our filth
So we wallow away

To have another miserable day
Track Name: Keep Real Cool
As the sun rose in the sky
And the tumbleweed blew from the road side
And the heat hit a new high
And the dashboard said "your cars about to die"
And there's nothing in sight

You keep real cool
Cause life don't end here
We'll find a way
There's no need to fear
Take my hand
The coast is so clear
Keep real cool and
Drive right into hell

We got all we ever need
In a gas stop junk store out in the country
A thousands miles from anywhere
There's still every fruit any time of year
Any bus out of here
Track Name: Everyone's a Mystic
Said the seagull to the sky
"Who are you and what am i?
Where do I end and you begin?
What's this body that I'm in?"

Said the starfish to the rocks
"What am I? Can you talk?
How many arms does it take
For your to conquer the oceans shake"

Said the clouds up In the sky
"Lord I hate it when I cry
Flood the earth with my mess
Go ahead send me to heck"

Said our lord and god above
"Keep doing what yer doing, bud.
Hitch a ride, hang loose some times
Don't you fear. I got your crimes"
Track Name: Dreams Fall Apart
Dreams fall apart
If only in your heart
Time has it's way
To make sure dreams don't stay
They all fall away

It crumbles in my mind
As I wake I can not find
The lives I never lived
The words I never said

A knocking in your ear
Closer than to hear
Reminds you of the life
That boils deep inside

The follies of desire
We live to be retired
Scramble with your work
And Impress no one

The sea was never green
The sky way never blue
The flame was never there
Neither was me or you